5Q is the capacity to see the APEST (Ephesians.4: 1-16) in the largest and deepest way possible.  We can see APEST (apostolic, prophetic, evangelstic, shepherding, teaching) as an interpretive key to unlock potential and purposes in disciples, leaders and organisations. 5QCollective coaching exists to equip and empower leaders to release their God- given potential for the good of others.

The 5Q training will raise 5Q awareness and activation, including training leaders in creating 5Q culture and practice, leadership development, culture creation and developing training infrastructure influenced by APEST thinking and dynamics.

Alongside the 5Q book and Userguide and the tests (both personal profile and team dynamics), the 5Q training can be online (through webinars, blogs, modules, 12-week coaching course or 12-month Learning Cohort) or on-the-ground (through workshops, team coaching, and training days).

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God has given us a vision to see the Celtic Lands transformed by Him. In order to serve that vision, we need to finance it. If you feel like God has captured your heart for this vision too, could you think about financially supporting us?

If you want to discuss what giving to Cairn might look like, please contact us.

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