Introducing Karl…

By Karl Martin

Hi my name is Karl, I’m just entering my 50th year and looking forward to all the adventure that it brings. I am constantly amazed at the ridiculous privilege of being married to my best friend and being the father of 4 fantastic young women.

Niki and I currently lead Central and Cairn and host leaders at our house in East Lothian for rest, restoration and revival. I write books, speak when invited, love shoes, tweed, interiors and all kinds of sport. Above all I am passionate about the church and her truly becoming the church of Jesus, co-operating with what God is doing in the world.

Niki and I feel a definite call to the Celtic Nations. We were compelled to come 12 years ago, encouraged to stay by the favour of God and the love of his people. We feel forbidden to leave, a combination of numerous prophetic words and the fact that this is now home for our family.

We had a clear vision of what God wants to do with his people in these lands and so we founded Cairn on an understanding that an empowered leadership, a re-imagined church and a united purpose could bring about the flourishing of communities – the revival of faith and the re-evangelisation of Europe.

Whilst we feel ill-equipped to offer expertise in most areas of ministry – we do feel that parenting a number of highly gifted people is our best offering. Our calling is essentially to encourage their dreams, blow on their fires, support their families, help raise their children (natural and spiritual) and enable many to run with the dreams God has given them.

I have no doubt that Cairn will help churches rediscover their original purpose and inspire and resource the planting of a huge variety of churches, I am convinced that thousands of leaders will be provoked, trained and mobilised as a result of this vision. And I am sure that if we learn to serve everyone else’s dreams, then the amalgam of all those visions will change the nations. A really good adventure to give the rest of your days for.



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God has given us a vision to see the Celtic Lands transformed by Him. In order to serve that vision, we need to finance it. If you feel like God has captured your heart for this vision too, could you think about financially supporting us?

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