part 2 – my journey

By Dave Swan

“Why don’t we make disciples the way Jesus made disciples?”

What now?  I was convinced that making disciples was the way ahead, but I had stepped down from church leadership feeling a bit bruised by mental and physical health issues sensing that I no longer belonged in the denomination that I had served in.  Over all, I had a strong sense that God was in all this, and that he was leading me on a journey that required more faith than I had ever needed before.  It was exciting and scary at the same time; it was spiritually exhilarating and releasing to live on the ‘edge’ of church for a while and start to ask the questions around what discipleship will look like in this new season of life.

We felt as a family that we needed to relocate to the city of Edinburgh and in that process we were drawn to folks on the margins – my wife to international students and me to men caught in the cycles of addiction, homelessness and criminality.  I continue to walk a line, not fitting into any known category of chaplaincy or church leadership, but seeking God’s voice in the midst of relating to guys in prison, guys living on the streets and those beginning the journey of dealing with their addictions; always wanting to introduce them to Jesus.

The spiritual battle is intense, I swing between rising hope, of God’s destiny, that life is starting all over again and feelings of lostness, defeat – that it’s all over for me.  But this is part of what our experience should be. Afterall Jesus calls us out onto the water. If indeed we are stepping out for God, we are going to take some hits from the enemy. So in it all, I am greatly encouraged to persevere and keep running this race.

Are you holding onto fear or God?

What step of faith and total trust would make your journey radical?

Are you aware that you are in a spiritual battle?  Who are you asking to pray for you?
Grace and Peace on the journey.  David Swan


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