By Karl Martin

This is the first of a 6-part series of blog posts on the Cairn values. This week, Karl explores what it means for us to be passionate about Jesus….

I watch him as he sautés his garlic, fennel and shallots, there is an ease and a joy to the way he moves and smile on his face. I find myself drawn to the focus and the joy that he is experiencing. It’s not only that he loves to cook, he is passionate about food, he reads cook books, watches cookery shows and books holidays based on his passion; everyone he knows, knows it.

Whatever the object of passion; sports teams, cars, music, animals or houses, passion is a truly powerful thing. Football fans passionate about their team follow them sun or rain – promotion or relegation – home or away. They worship in the stands and sink into deep depression in a slump. Music fans become groupies, buy every album, every t-shirt and follow their idols all over the world.

I wonder sometimes whether my yacht, car, animal loving friends display more passion for these things than Christians display passion for Jesus?

As Cairn we want to say ‘we are passionate’, more than that, we want it to be seen and caught, ‘they are passionate’.

We make no apology for the fact that Jesus, his person, his kingdom and his mission consumes our lives. What we believe, we believe wholeheartedly, so we refuse to dream or act half-heartedly. We refuse to be passive, indifferent or lukewarm.

We are passionate about the Word of God, alive in the Spirit of God, active in the kingdom of God. Now, of course, the danger of any list that starts like this is that we are only two sentences away from a doctrinal statement. This is not that!

What we will say is that we are passionate about people, people created in the image of God. We are passionate about the people Jesus is passionate about, poor people, broken people, lost people, all people. We are obsessed with apprenticing these people in his way of life and empowering his people to do the same. We are passionate about the Church rediscovering its primary call to discipleship.

That may sound extreme? Let me make it worse. In saying we are passionate, I think we are suggesting something more. We want, not only, to imitate Jesus’ passions but also the way in which he was passionate! All-in, no reserve, nothing held back.

The word passion comes from the Latin meaning to suffer and traditionally has been used to describe the last week and days of Jesus earthly ministry. It could equally have been used to describe the whole of his life, from incarnation to ascension. How was Jesus passionate? He was all-in! He embodied passion, literally. He gave himself!

All in,
for people,
for this world,
for us.

We will be the same. (It’s a high aspiration, a deep desire and a current attempt) For Leaders who have lost their fire, for individuals who have lost their way, for churches who have forgotten their purpose and for nations that have rejected their calling and anointing.

We will give ourselves, our prayer is that our passion will be infectious.


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