Learning Communities

The purpose of a Learning Community is to equip leaders and their church on their journey of missional discipleship. It is based around four gatherings which take place every six months over a period of two years. Each has a different theme.

The gatherings include prayer, worship and devotional times as well as opportunities for the church teams to connect, share experiences and learn from each other. They each consists of three days spent together as church leadership teams moving through three parts of a process.

Part 1: What is?

Each team does an analysis of the church they are leading using a number of different tools and exercises. It is an opportunity for the church leadership team to take an honest look at their current progress.

Part 2: What could be?

Teams engage with input around the theme of the gathering. The aim of this is to introduce new concepts, principles and ways of thinking or working. Within this context each team looks at 2 year faith goals and is encouraged to allow God to inspire, challenge and stretch them.

Part 3: What will be?

On the basis of the analysis and input from the previous two parts, each team applies the new information to their own church model and missional context, making a six month plan with measurable, achievable objectives.

Over the 6 months between each Learning Community gathering, the teams remain accountable for their progress towards their goals and for the implementation of their plans.


Gathering 1: building a discipling culture

This covers the key principles, values and learning points that help to create and establish a strong culture of missional discipleship.

Gathering 2: multiplying missional leaders

This gathering looks at how to identify, develop, train and release leaders.

Gathering 3: launching missional communities

This gathering focuses on how to create, value, and release the ‘spiritual households’ that impact their neighbourhood or network of relationships.

Gathering 4: leading kingdom movements

Teams look at the principles and practices of establishing a strong resourcing centre.

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